About Jane Smith

Jane Smith has been writing about racing for over fifteen years now.  She began her career in 1996 when her family started racing at Orlando SpeedWorld and New Smyrna Speedway in the Runabout Division.  At that time, karnac.com, aka Florida Stock Car Racing, was asking for anyone to send in race stories from their home tracks.  Since her family was at the track every Friday and Saturday night, she gave it a try.

Little did she know that she found her heart’s calling.

“My dad is a writer and I found some of his talent in writing race stories.  As some say, I found my heart and wrote from my heart.”

As time passed, she began writing for other websites besides Florida Stock Car Racing.  She was one of the main writers for a website that is now gone called Racing Divas.  In the few short years that they were on the web, she had over 70 stories in their archives.

While writing for New Smyrna Speedway, she began writing a weekly race column for Daytona News Journal.  When their budget ran out, she was approached by Florida Today to write a weekly column on Brevard County racers only.  She did this for almost four years until the paper had to cut their budget and there was no more money.

In 2009, after working for FASCAR for five years, she left the asphalt world for the dirt world going to work at Volusia Speedway Park as their Media Specialist.  It was there that she found a new found love of racing in dirt racing.

“I was never a big fan of dirt racing and only had gone maybe to five in the 15 years that I had been writing for racing.  I heard that Volusia Speedway Park might be looking for a writer so I took my chances and went there one Saturday to show the General Manager Tonya Moschell what I could do.  Luckily, she liked it and the following week I was the new Media person for Volusia.”

Chicken Soup for NASCAR Racing approached her back in 2001 to use one of her stories for their book on racing but never used it.    She was also approached on another story for a book that was never published.

Jane lives in Merritt Island, Florida with her three sons – Danny, Josh and Alex and a number of four legged family members.  Her other interests include shrimping and fishing when not at a racetrack